G01 Giant Pong

G01 Giant Pong (Carnival Game)


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*Holiday Pricing May Vary

GOOD: Regular Price Up To 6-Hour Rental: $116.71 

Better: Overnight (Keep It till The Next Morning) $145.89 

BEST: Weekend Rental (Friday To Monday) $291.78 

Actual Size: 36" x 26"

Age Group: All Ages



Just like regular pong except for GIANT!  (**As seen on Jimmy Fallon**) 

The 32 Gallon cans are designed to look like huge "red solo cups" with white volleyballs in place of the "ping pong ball". Perfect for outdoor events or events with a large open space. Our Giant Pong Game Rental is perfect for schools, corporate events, picnics, weddings, company events, parties, or any event. There is no need to fill the "Giant Red Solo Cups". Players or teams take turns throwing or bouncing the ball from behind their "cups" and try to score across into one of the opposing team's "cups". If a ball makes it in that "cup" it is taken out of the game. The first team to take out all of the opposing team's "cups" wins.

Includes: 12 Giant Red Plastic Cans and 2 Volleyballs



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