R113 - Carnival Toddler Playland

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R113 - Carnival Toddler Playland


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*Holiday Pricing May Vary

GOOD: Regular Price Up To 6-Hour Rental: $429.00 

Better: Overnight (Keep It till The Next Morning) $536.25 

BEST: Weekend Rental (Friday To Monday) $1,072.50 

Setup Area: 22Ft L /22Ft W /12Ft H

Outlets: 1 - 120v

Age Group: Toddlers


β˜”β³ Rescheduling due to Rain: Feel free to reschedule your rental if it's raining without any extra charges! But remember, this needs to be done 48 hours prior to your event start time.

πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦πŸŽˆ Bounce House Occupancy: Please note, for safety, we recommend based on manufactures guidelines a maximum of 5-6 kids of the same size bouncing at one time. For slides, it's a one-at-a-time rule!

🧼🧽✨ Cleaning Standards: Rest assured, all our units are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before use.

πŸ”ŒπŸŽ What's Included in Your Rental:

  1. Extension Cord
  2. Blower
  3. Safety Stakes or *Sandbags for secure grounding *Fee's apply for sandbag setups 

πŸ‘πŸ”ŒπŸ’¦ Your Checklist:

  1. Ensure there's enough space for setup and a clear path to the setup location
  2. An electric outlet per blower within 75 feet of the setup area (Most be dedicated)
  3. If you're renting a water slide, a water source, and a hose within 50 feet of the setup area


Carnival Toddler Playland 

At We Rent Fun, we understand the importance of creating a space where toddlers can unleash their boundless energy and curiosity. Our Carnival Toddler Playland is a haven of age-appropriate attractions, ensuring hours of entertainment and excitement for your littlest ones. From soft play areas to gentle slides, colorful tunnels, and interactive games, every corner is crafted to spark imagination and promote development through play.

Safety is our top priority, and our playland is equipped with high-quality, soft materials and secure structures to provide parents with peace of mind. 

Planning a birthday party or a special event? We Rent Fun Carnival Toddler Playland offers party packages that guarantee a celebration filled with laughter and joy. Let us handle the details while you focus on making memories with your little one and their friendsExplore the magic of childhood at We Rent Fun Carnival Toddler Playland – where fun knows no bounds! Book your playdate or special event today and watch as your toddlers embark on a journey of laughter, discovery, and pure delight.

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