Mechanical Bull Rental Miami

Mechanical Bull

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Mechanical Bull Rental Miami

Mechanical Bull Rental offers your guests a unique experience. Not many people have had the chance to ride a Bull, which is exactly what we rent out. Our Bull Riding Experience rental in Miami does come with some restrictions to keep everyone safe.

  • There is a max of 1 rider at a time.
  • Min. weight is 40lbs and max is 250lbs per rider. We hold the discretion on this, as we don’t want anyone injured.
  • please note the rider has to be at least 48 inches tall to ride.

Requires 2 power outlets on separate circuits.

If power is NOT available, please let us know so Generators for power can be added to your invoice.



Rent the Mechanical Bull for your party Today! 

Have a great time on this fun ride that contains a museum-quality bull to make it the best bull riding experience in Miami. Challenge your guests to who can last the longest before falling off. Renting a mechanical bull will have your guests talking about your party for days and weeks to come.

What You Need To Know About Bull Riding Experience Parties

A bull riding experience is a really popular activity for parties. It's a fun event that people are enthusiastic about, and you can get the party started with the right music, food, and drinks. There are many different types of bull riding parties.

The most common type is outdoors 

This Bull is portable and comes to your venue in Miami for a day of fun.


Reasons to rent a Mechanical bull in Miami. 

Most people don't have these sorts of things laying around to entertain guests, that's why we offer them for rent.  Take a look at our vast selection of party rentals. We not only offer mechanical bulls for rental but we also offer other party rentals to suit our clients' needs. Have a small gathering in the backyard?  We have a table and chair rentals. This can be great for graduation parties or bridal showers. 

Concessions for Fundraisers

If you want to add something to your fundraiser, we suggest concessions!  People love concessions and it is an affordable way to add more to your fundraiser and get more in return. Our mechanical bull is designed to look like a natural bull and is not a flat surface with some pegs. It is meant to be challenging but also offers fun for all ages.

Corporate Bull Riding Rental

Many corporate events like renting our mechanical bull to help with team-building efforts. However, we have been at community events, backyard parties, and more. If you are having a party and looking for something unique for entertainment, renting a bull riding experience in Miami is just the thing.

Bull Riding Experience Party Rental

Bull riding experience party rentals can be a great addition to any event. If you're looking for a mechanical bull for your party, we've got you covered.  Call today!  Let’s get it booked for your next party. We deliver all rentals to the parties.  Everything will arrive cleaned and sanitized, and ready to go before your first guest arrives.  Call now! While we love our bull riding ride, we offer a wide selection of party rentals to choose from.  You can get bounce house rentals, water slide rentals, and table and chair rentals.  We have party rentals for those looking to throw a huge community event to those with smaller events.  Our party rentals have graced the backyards of many Miami residents. Call today and let's get your party on our books.

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