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Sunrise Party Rental is where the fun is at.  If you are looking to have a backyard party or thinking about having a fundraiser with an inflatable carnival, we are here for you!  We work with people to bring some fun into their lives. Our goal is to have everyone have a party to enjoy that party and have a great time.  Because of this, we will deliver all of our party rentals and set them up for you.  We take the time to go over everything and answer any questions.  As you can see we offer a wide variety of party rentals such as water slidesbounce house rentalslaser tag rental, and table and chair rentals to name a few.  We have everything you need to have a great time at your next party.

Sunrise Party Rental is a party rental company that assists our guests with getting their very best service possible.  We love throwing parties, and it shows with our fantastic selection of party rental equipment.  We are proud of our rentals, and it shows with our meticulous detailing that is done to ensure each rental will look great at each and every party. Our party rental company is licensed and insured to ensure safety at your next event.  If you are looking to throw a party, big or small, we are here to help.

Call today and let Sunrise Party Rental help you find the perfect entertainment for your next part.  We deliver and set up all of our party rentals.  This makes it easy for the party throwers.  We set up tables and chairs as well as the big inflatables that everyone knows and loves.  Sunshine party rentals offer a host of different rentals to meet the needs of both big and small parties. We want your guests to be talking about your party for days or weeks to come.  If you are looking at wowing your guests, you have come to the right place.  Call today, and let's get your party booked.

Party rentals

Throwing a party is stressful. You have to determine the date, location, time, and then the entertainment and food.  Why worry about setting up the entertainment?  At Sunshine Party Rental, we do all that for you.  Some of our rentals come with attendants.  We want you safe.  Because of this, we offer attendants and have everything state inspected each year.  Our goal is for everyone to have fun.  However, if you find something wrong with your party rental, even the same day, call.  While we inspect them after each rental and at set up, there are times when something isn't right.  Maybe a blower went down?  Or perhaps something was spilled on the rental.

We ask that if you have guests spill on the rental, you only use water to rinse it off.  Many soaps and chemicals will damage the vinyl's coloring.  When there is a spill that needs more than water, call! Let us instruct you on how to properly clean it.  


Inflatable Rentals

Let's get your party started today.  Call now and let's discuss what types of party rentals would suit your guest list. While we offer an amazing selection of kid party rentals, we also have things for adult parties. Our large tents have been used for a variety of reasons and not always for parties.  If you need to set up an elaborate event outdoors, Sunshine Party Rentals is the place to go.  We have it all and are happy to help you decide what would be best for your party.

Sunshine Party Rentals offers loads of party rentals and inflatable rentals to choose from.  We have many large parties that combine the rentals. This will start an inflatable carnival that people will talk about for days or months after.  Many inflatable carnivals start small but soon grow over the years.  This is because they are such a great success and perfect for fundraisers.

Movie night rentals are lovely for those that would like to have their friends over and have this unique experience.  Watch a movie under the sky or we can also set this up in a gym or cafeteria.  This rental is a wonderful fundraiser idea that takes little effort.  Many churches and schools, as well as businesses, take advantage of the movie night rental experience.   This comes complete with a popcorn machine.  This is a terrific way to raise money and have a wonderful experience for the entire community.  Keep in mind that the movie screen rentals will have to be viewed in the dark.  So, this should be set up where there is not a lot of lighting or viewed at night with the lights off.

Fundraisers, community events, or a backyard BBQ, we have the party rentals for you.  When it comes to throwing a party, Sunshine Party Rentals is where it is at.


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