In the sun-soaked region of South Florida, The Fun Group Inc. Emerged as a powerhouse in the world of event entertainment, starting with the founding of Omega Events LLC by the renowned Spanish radio DJ, Al Sanchez, and his wife Lenny in 2015. Initially designed to keep their son Albert occupied during the summer months and after school, Omega Events quickly evolved into the area's top wedding and event entertainment service.

Under The Fun Group Inc. umbrella, Omega Events started as a wedding entertainer and DJ company, rapidly becoming one of South Florida's most in-demand brands. As they expanded, Al and Lenny recognized the potential for growth and launched We Rent Fun. Seven years later, We Rent Fun acquired one of their most respected competitors, Just Bounce Miami, further solidifying their presence in the event entertainment industry.

Albert Sanchez, as the COO of Omega Events, played an essential role in the development and success of We Rent Fun and the integration of Just Bounce Miami. Collectively, these three brands became part of The Fun Group Inc., a conglomerate dedicated to infusing joy and excitement into every event they were a part of.

With a strong foundation built on core values like exceptional customer service, continuous improvement, teamwork, safety, integrity, and doing what is right, Omega Events and its sister companies continued to soar. The Fun Group Inc. set a bold vision for their future, aiming to become the go-to name for fun, happiness, and peace of mind in South Florida by 2025.

The Fun Group Inc., encompassing Omega Events LLC, We Rent Fun, and Just Bounce Miami, transformed from a modest idea to keep their son busy into a tale of passion, family, and dedication. Al, Lenny, and Albert Sanchez, along with their committed team, persist in spreading joy and crafting unforgettable experiences for the people of South Florida, demonstrating that dreams become reality when you stay true to your vision and never lose sight of what truly matters.


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